Alpine Waterfeature & Landscaping
specializes in the installation of residential water gardens, waterfalls, artistic rock, fountains and landscape improvements with a desire to create unique, inspiring designs. Adding a flowing waterfeature to your landscape brings soothing motion and sound into your surroundings. We have a great love for flowing water, living the water garden lifestyle ourselves. We bring this experience to our customers, providing quality products, installation and support for all types of waterfeatures. We pride ourselves in creating a beautiful yet functional and lasting waterscape, preferring the Aquascape Designs waterfeature systems for creating natural waterscapes.

Alpine Waterfeature & Landscaping carries the necessary license and insurance required by law. Serving the East County, and San Diego area. We are proud Alpine Chamber Of Commerce Members.
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Water gardens provide a lush environment to be taken advantage of, where new unique types of flowers and plants can be brought in to your landscape. Choosing the correct type of plants for your size and type of waterscape ensures trouble free operation and maintenance of your waterfeature. New, vibrant colors abound to create the ultimate center piece for your landscape.

Fish are an integral part of many waterfeatures. Our ponds provide a natural setting where all types of life will flourish. Koi, goldfish and the many similar variations of fresh water fish thrive in our style of waterfeature, co-existing with rocks and plants in their environment as they would naturally. We consider our style of pond appropriate for fish keeping, having Koi of our own in an Aquascape Designs style pond successfully for many years. Some would argue it is not the optimum type of setting to raise fish. Our goal when building a pond is to provide a healthy environment for fish to exist, a safe design for all, as well as create a natural style of water garden for everyone to enjoy. Caring for your fish and their habitat through the seasons takes commitment on the part of the water gardener. We help our customers with advice, or hands on attention when needed to keep their waterscapes in peak fashion with access to a full line of pond supplies.
Pondless waterfalls are the choice if you like the idea of having a natural looking waterfall in your landscape without the addition of caring for a pond. It offers customers a safe, low maintenance option for areas where child safety or liability would be a concern, while providing the refreshing addition of flowing water to your landscape. Adaptable to many types of terrain, we've created pondless waterfalls with streams of 2' to 70' long.

Alpine Waterfeature & Landscaping provides our customers with honest, competent craftsmanship in creation of beautiful landscapes, supports it's installations and warranties it's work to provide excellent service to water garden enthusiasts.
If your interested in a new installation or just need help improving you existing water garden, give us a call.